About Optimus

Optimus Augmentum is a Continuing EDUCATION company. Our objective is the development of human talent, specializing in cutting-edge topics as Logistics and International Commerce, Cyber Defence, and Human Capital.

Born in 2015, providing consulting services in market development and change management. We are business experts, financial, and operational in commodity companies; with proven experience in Latin American and the Caribbean markets. A Panamanian company, regional in scope, highly committed to the development of quality training programs, raising the skills of individuals in public and private institutions.

Our VALUES are PASSION for people, REBELLIOUSNESS that makes us better every day, and the professional RESPECT on every job.

Our MISSION: Continuous improvement of human and business KNOWLEDGE.

Aneth Arosemena

25 years of experience leading commercial, administrative and regulatory processes, in leading transnational companies. Aneth has held positions as Commercial (CMO) and Operations Director (COO), and as such has been responsible for business and financial performance on subsidiaries of multinational companies in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Expert in strategic development, corporate planning, and implementations of various business models; having successfully launched a host of projects ranging from the areas of business strategy, financial management, operations, technology, and human capital. A strategic thinker with high emphasis on inclusion, education, and creating working environments focused on development and delivery. A Certified Coach.

Milagros Muñoz

Extensive experience leading financial, commercial, administrative and regulatory processes, with more than 25 years in leading multinational companies in the Financial, Electrical, and Telecommunications sectors. Milagros has held positions as Financial and Administrative Director, and as such has been responsible for the financial performance of subsidiaries of multinational companies in Latin America.

Her leadership roles, in an array of corporate projects, has allowed successful implementations of: IPO ("Initial Public Offerings") on the NYSE, tender offers ("Public Offering"), implementation of SOX 404 ("Sarbanes Oxley"), processes of nationalization, establishment of financial shared service centres at regional level, opening companies in foreign markets, processes of "due diligence", and reorganizations of companies. A Certified Coach.

Alicia Quintero

Law Professional with 25 years in the field, a specialist in International Law. Referee of the Panama Canal Authority, participating as counsel in national and international arbitrations. 16 years of experience as a teacher at the level of Bachelor and Master Degree, being nominated in several occasions for the “best teacher of the year award”. For 12 years, Director of the Master in Law programs at the University Santa Maria La Antigua. In charge of the institutional accreditation of the University Santa Maria La Antigua (USMA), Master level. 10 years of experience as Curriculum developer, having designed master's degree programs for the most prestigious Panamanian Universities.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” - ALVIN TOFFLER, ECONOMIST AND FUTURIST

Continuing Education

Our teaching process is based on integrating audience participation. The workshops use case studies, drawn from business reality, to entice attendees to complete participation.

Business Consulting

Based on a 4-step process: Evaluation and Analysis, Implementation of Best Practices, Organizational Cultural Transformation, and behaviour modification tracked and sustained over time.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay.” - HENRY FORD


National or International Business: Safe, Secure, Efficient, and Updated.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Strategic Partner: SCCALA, Supply Chain Consulting & Logistics Administrator, Colombia

Educational Focus: Financial Optimization and Auditing. Train low and mid hierarchy managers. Specialized in identifying and implementing controls in business processes without limiting commercial growth and new implementations.


International Commerce

Strategic Partner: Cabinet Desitter, France.

Educational Focus: Diploma in Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), based on ensuring secure processes for the human resource, and documentation safety. Transcending business transactions from local to the international realm under controlled and secured handling of goods and information. Desitter is a member of the Board INCOTERMS®. Training is centred on international trade based on legal, tax, and costumes tariff intelligence; analysis and prevention of risks related to systems and insurance. One diploma and theworkshops:

Diploma as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), based on the regulations of the Technical Administration of Foreign Trade (TACE) and the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Three levels of workshops in preparation to Efficient and Secure Trade.


Strategic Partner: ToBe Security, Israel

Educational Focus: Prevention and up to dated knowledge. Minimize third-party dependencies (outsourcing), and take control of the operation protecting information. Training specialists in evaluations of Security Penetration of Information, advice on Operational Risks, Security Design reviews, and compliance on international standards. Expert Advisor to different Israeli government entities. 7 workshops:

Computer Security - The dark side of the worldwide web

Cloud Security

Ethical Hacking

Advanced Ethical Hacking

CISSP Bootcamp

Computer Forensics

Why Cyber Defence? - To Senior Management (Non-Technical)

Human Capital

Executive Coaching certified by the Institute of Personal Coaching, Spain.

Educational Focus: A Self-Leadership program through the Enneagram Methodology. A process by which you influence yourself, by knowing your skills and deterrents, to achieve your business and personal objectives. Furthermore, a number of programs developed to enhance soft skills: Accountability, Teamwork and Team effort, and Time Management –setting priorities in a multifunctional and cross-hierarchical organization. -


Our methodological principles are based on Interactive Communication.


25 Years of Experience

Capitalized over 25 years of corporate experience, that we transform and translate into teaching materials of superior quality and applicability.

Consign Knowledge

We firmly believe that knowledge well targeted generates innovation and enhances skills in every human, enabling them to manage an ever changing environment.

Personalized Attention

Our size helps us answer your requests under tight deadlines; ensuring personalized treatment on every projects.


More than 50 companies worldwide have validated through our strategic partners, quality and usability of our workshops and seminars on International Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain, Cyber-Defence and Human Capital.
Con Continuing Education programs guarantee organizations stay at the forefront, driven by a committed human resource.

Trade customers with our Strategic Partner

Logistics customers with our Strategic Partner

Cyber customers with our Strategic Partner

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” - Derek Bok, former 25th President of Harvard University. University


Where you can find us

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